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Today’s Word: Tempo

Published on June 4, 2017 By admin

So caught up in the business and busy-ness of our work and lives, we can all sometimes feel guilty about doing “nothing.” But, of course, it is exactly this nothingness that we need. We need time to unplug, time to refuel, time to remove ourselves from the rest of life so that we can be, in fact, better for the rest of life, better for those who need us, better for the work that needs to be done.

Christ Has Come, Uninvited

Published on December 19, 2015 By admin

It’s almost Christmas. It’s the fourth week of advent. And we wait. But for what?

Today’s Word: Seed

Published on September 2, 2013 By admin

God plants these “spiritual seeds” in our lives every day. They are the seeds that may grow into an abundant harvest — a cornucopia of increased prayer, spiritual wisdom, service to others and other fruits of the spirit.

God’s Eyes are on His Beloved

Published on September 22, 2012 By admin

We are all still trying out the freedom God has given us by placing us here, strangers in a strange land. We are not always sure what we are doing or how well we are doing it. We have this feeling that sometimes we are succeeding and sometimes we are failing. We’re not sure we are always pleasing God but perhaps have a sense, as Thomas Merton famously wrote, that in trying to please God we are doing so.

Solitude: Finding our own “lonely place” (part 1)

Published on February 25, 2012 By admin

Like Jesus, we need to have our “lonely place,” that quiet sacred space we can go, not just to get away from the world and its busy-ness, but to prepare ourselves more fully for our engagement in the world.