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Today’s Word: Wonder

Published on October 30, 2017 By admin

When the heroine of E.B. White’s classic children’s novel “Charlotte’s Web” first writes “SOME PIG” in her web in an attempt to save her friend Wilbur’s life, she was creating more than a PR campaign. She was creating wonder. She was making everyone who saw her web stop in their tracks, stand back, scratch their heads, and try to contemplate something they couldn’t fathom. That, in fact, is a pretty good way to go through life.

Today’s Word: Gasp

Published on July 23, 2017 By admin

Heatwaves, snowstorms and other extremes of nature have a way of getting our attention. They smack us across the face and remind us of the power, majesty and unpredictability of the earth. They recall for us of the continuing cycles of nature, of the gentle spinning and revolving of the earth around its axis and around the sun, taking us into and out of our days, nights, seasons and years. If we think we’re in control, we need to stop and think again. We’re along for the ride.

Today’s Word: Death

Published on April 4, 2015 By admin

These three days of the Christian liturgical year — the Triduum of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Holy Saturday — tell the story of Jesus’ final days and minutes and, at the same time, remind us all of the one inevitable moment that hangs like the tarnished old chandelier in the midst of our living rooms: our own deaths.

The Creative Spirit: What If?

Published on February 14, 2015 By admin

Asking “what if” is one of the most creative and contemplative questions we can ask ourselves. How many books, poems, paintings, songs, plays or other creative works have come to life because the artist dared to ask, “what if?”

The Creative Spirit: Creatio ex nihilo

Published on December 27, 2014 By admin

The canvas or paper may begin blank and the light-bulb moment of creation is perhaps ours to savor and celebrate, but only when we realize that our moment of creation out of nothingness come out of our everything. For in that moment of silence is God, and in God is all that we need.

Today’s Word: Vestige

Published on September 5, 2014 By admin

I still groan in wonder when I think of the view from the top of Grandfather Mountain or the early morning veiled hay field that snatched my breath away. It was the view, yes, but it was really the glimpse that got me.

Today’s Word: Afraid

Published on July 27, 2014 By admin

“Be not afraid” asks us to look beyond what we can see and believe beyond what we cannot see.

Between the Lines: Holy Week, preparation

Published on April 14, 2014 By admin

I know the end is coming. I know my followers are faltering and one has even crossed over to the side of those who want me dead. This makes me sad, but I know it’s all part of the Father’s will.

Today’s Word: Power

Published on February 8, 2014 By admin

Over time, through my reading and prayer and good, sacred conversation with friends and spiritual companions, I have come to see one very clear choice in life: We can choose power, or we can choose love.

A Song for the Season: Soft Light From a Stable Door

Published on December 7, 2013 By admin

A Song for the Season: “Soft Light from a Stable Door,” a song based on a beautiful poem by the English poet Lilian Cox, recorded by Nathanael’s Creed.