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Today’s Word: Restoration

Published on November 11, 2013 By admin

We can walk the paths of our lives and feel like the remains of someone else’s life, not realizing that we are actually choice spots of radiant beauty, vantage points from which others might someday be able to pass en route to glimpsing the glory of God just beyond us.

Today’s Word: Perspective

Published on November 6, 2013 By admin

Like taking a walk on a serpentine path on which you cannot see the way ahead or know for sure where it ends, our lives of prayer immerse us in the mystery of God and reveal aspects of the divine that we cannot fathom from the place we began.

Today’s Word: Labyrinth

Published on September 15, 2013 By admin

The call of the labyrinth, like the call of God, is to quiet our minds, to trust our steps and to move ever forward to the center, the unmoving mover of all.

Today’s Word: Pilgrim

Published on September 14, 2013 By admin

Wisdom lies in our lived and contemplated experiences of our own unique journeys. Wisdom comes in reflection, in the integration of the multitude of our sacred moments with all that we have read and heard.

Today’s Word: Barefootin’

Published on August 30, 2013 By admin

We need to take time to unplug from the stimuli of our lives, to take off our shoes and approach God as if the very ground we walk upon is holy.

Today’s Word: Rise

Published on August 21, 2013 By admin

Can we be liberated from those people and circumstances that have perhaps left deep and painful marks in our lives and on ours psyches? Can we repair the damage of past hurt?

A call for guest bloggers: Writing as a true spiritual discipline

Published on May 11, 2013 By admin

“Writing,” Henri Nouwen wrote, “can be a true spiritual discipline. Writing can help us to concentrate, to get in touch with the deeper stirrings of our hearts, to clarify our minds, to process confusing emotions, to reflect on our experiences, to give artistic expression to what we are living, and to store significant events in our memories. Writing can also be good for others who might read what we write.”

Seeing a Clear Reflection of Ourselves

Published on October 24, 2012 By admin

It takes stillness to get a true reflection, just as a camera must be held perfectly still to capture a clear image. And stillness, like quiet and like solitude, is harder and harder to find in our busy lives.

Watching for Movement

Published on July 29, 2012 By admin

Just as we can observe nature as it moves and grows and reproduces, so too can we learn to look for and notice the movement of God in our lives.

Holy as a Day is Spent: Our Awareness of the Sacred Around Us

Published on July 1, 2012 By admin

It’s so easy to go through life not astonished because we don’t look and listen for these sideways glances into the mind and heart of God. They are there, ever present, like their creator, but it’s up to us to look, see, note and name them.