Blessing: For an Early Saturday Morning

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May the sun, which is yet to show its molten face, greet us today with all the warmth and light we need to bring us fully alive and fully awake, ready to meet our day with purpose and love for those who surround us;

May it cast shadows across our faces and hands to remind us of all that needs to be done, all that needs to be healed, all that needs to be offered up to the giver and taker of life;

May this day bring us what we need and nothing more, for it is often in the excess of desire that we lose our very selves and our connection to the Divine Provider who knows better than we do the difference between want and need, who will give us our daily bread in exact proportion to our reliance and trust of the giver;

May those who enter our lives today — new friends and old, colleagues and strangers — end the day changed for the better because our shadows crossed theirs, because our lives touched in some small, significant way that we may never know.

May we live today knowing this power we hold to make small dents in the armored lives of others, that we possess in our hands and in our words the ability to make change and draw the attention of the world to the source of all light, the one sun who casts shadows too many to count across the surface of our days.


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